Start as you mean to go on….

Right. After many conversations, debates, and musings on blogging itself.. here I am. I’m looking forward to seeing what this medium does for me, generally for my writing and learning, and more specifically for EDUC 4151.

Some people seem better than others at this medium. There are a few that I absolutely adore.. and I will link to them. They all seem to share an individuality, and a purpose, whatever that may be. They also share an intelligence and a wit that I admire. Some of my favourites are food ones, such as Smitten Kitchen and David Lebovitz… not only are their recipes foolproof, but they make everything so approachable, easy and human. Others are purely social comment, wrapped in a healthy dose of humour. My favourites include the Oatmeal and Hyperbole and a Half. Witty nerds, like myself (the nerdy bit, not the witty bit!) that seem to encapsulate some of life’s boring details into a frame or two of drawing.

In reading everyone else’s blogs I feel intimidated to assert my own presence here. I can write as well as the rest of them on some level, but however will I compare my silly musings to anything they do? I have had a number of people tell me I should blog my thoughts anyway- particularly those on relationships and people dealing. However I feel like anything I have to say has already been said, and my opinions just aren’t important enough to air. I also find it somewhat weird.. because to me, blogging as a concept seems self-indulgent.

Nonetheless, I have to get past all this now! It’s exciting that at least now, I have a purpose forced on me, if you will.

Onto EDUC 4151, and the general goal that has brought me here: learning how to repurpose my training skills for the online environment. Through this blog I hope to encapsulate (maybe that’s the word of the course for me) all my learnings on learning, and passing on that learning… to others. In doing so I hope I can provide myself some clarity of purpose, and continue down a path of fulfilled learning and facilitation of learning for others. Even if, for the moment, that learning facilitation is for boring securities laws and compliance rules for the investment management world!

Start as you mean to go on? Maybe it’s a case now of continuing whatever it is you have decided to start…


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